10th National Stroke Conference

Bridging for Better Stroke Care in Pakistan

October 29th, 30th & 31st, 2021 (Friday, Saturday & Sunday)

Venue: Mövenpick Hotel Karachi

Pakistan Stroke Society (PSS)

Endorsed (put logos): World Stroke Organization (WSO)

& Asia Pacific Stroke Organization (ASPO)

CME Accredited By: Jinnah Sindh Medical University, Karachi

10th National Stroke Conference will be Hybrid Meeting

Day 1:  Friday 29th October, 2021; Timings: 0900am- 0300pm

ONLINE WEBINAR (ONLY @ ZOOM: Meeting ID- 81825581704; Passcode- Genetics

Pre-Conference Workshop: “Bridging for Better Stroke Care in Pakistan”

Chair: Dr. Anjum Farooq (President Pakistan Stroke Society)

Co-chair: Prof. Dr. Qasim Bashir (Former President Pakistan Stroke Society)

Moderator: Dr. Husnain Hashim (Vice President, Pakistan Stroke Society)


0900- 0920       What is Stroke Unit Composition-

Dr. Ravi Shankar (South City Hospital, Karachi)

0920-0950        Evaluation of Stroke Patient (NIHSS)-

Dr. Sahrish Ayesha (Shifa International Hospital, Islamabad)

0950- 1010       How to Read CT Brain in Acute Ischemic Stroke?

Dr. Fatima Mubarak (AKUH, Karachi)

1010-1030        Managing Acute Intravenous Thrombolysis-

Dr. Ather Iqbal (Sheikh Zaid Hospital, Lahore)

1030- 1050       Stroke Patients not Eligible for tPa and Intervention

Brigadier Dr. M. Babar Khan (CMH, Rawalpindi)

1050-1105        Self Tea Break

1105- 1120       Managing Risk Factors During Thrombolysis-

Dr. Nadeem Memon (Ziauddin Hospital, Karachi)

1120-1140        Post Thrombolysis Care & Decision for Secondary Prophylaxis

(Starting Antithrombotic, Anticoagulation/Hypertension/ Glycemic Control)

Dr. Anjum Farooq (BUMHS, Quetta)

1140-1200        Stroke Unit Nursing Care- Anila Ajum (AKU, Karachi)

1200-1220        Early Rehabilitation in Stroke Unit- Dr. Farooq Rathore (PNS Shifa Karachi)

1220-1240        Stroke Pathways – Dr. Qahir Khan (AKUH, Karachi)

1240-0100        Neurosurgical Intervention in Acute Stroke- Dr. Shahzad Shamim (AKUH, Karachi)

0100- 0200       Self Lunch & Friday Prayers Break

0200- 0220       Managing Patients with ICH- Dr. Husnain Hashim (Fauji Foundation, Rawalpindi)

0220- 0240       Subarachnoid Hemorrhage & Management- Dr. Fozan Khan (Peshawar)

0240-0300        Thrombectomy in Acute Stroke- Dr. Abubakar (Lahore)

Day 2: Saturday October 30th, 2021 (Hybrid: Via Zoom & Movin Pick Hotel Karachi) Meeting ID: 86415894528

0900 -1100: Session- 1: Stroke Care- National & International Collaborations

Chair: Prof. Dr. M. Wasay (AKUH, Karachi)

Co-Chair: Prof. Dr. Saleem Barech (BUMHS, Quetta)

Moderator : Dr. Ravi Shankar (General Secretary Pakistan Stroke Society)

0900-0920        AAPNA Merit Mini Stroke Fellowship in Collaboration with Pakistan Stroke Society- Dr. Fareed Suri (USA)

0920-0940        SITS International Stroke Registry: Bringing Pakistan Stroke Research to International Level- Dr. Husnain Hashim (Fauji Foundation, Rawalpindi)

0940-1000          Stroke Manifesto- What Must be Done for Stroke Care in Pakistan-

Dr. Abdul Malik (LCMD, Karachi)

1000-1020          Collaboration b/w PSS & NRSP: Start Training Neurologist for Stroke Intervention

Dr Umair Rashid (PINS, Lahore)

1020-1040          Future Prospects of Collaboration with Other societies to Family physician, Internal Medicine, Cardiologist, Psychiatry & Neurosurgeon-

Dr. Ismail Khatri (Riyadh, KSA)

1040-1100        MENA-SINO stroke initiative- Dr. Ossama Mansoor (Cairo, Egypt)

1100-1130        Tea Break & Inaugural of the Exhibition     

1130 -0110; Session- 2: Covid & Stroke


Chair: Prof. N. V. Ramani (Singapore)

Co-Chair: Prof. Dr. Ahsan Nouman (KEMU, Lahore)

Moderator: Dr. Maria Khan (Dubai, UAE)

1130-1150        Covid and CVT- Prof. Dr. M. Wasay (AKUH, Karachi)

1150-1210        Covid and Stroke- Dr. Maria khan (Dubai, UAE)

1210-1230        Covid and ICH- Dr. Sajid Hameed (AKUH, Karachi)

1230-1250        Stroke after Covid Vaccination- Dr Ayeesha Farooq (AKU, Karachi)

1250-0110        Stroke Guidelines in Covid Patients- Prof. N. V. Ramani (Singapore)

0110- 0220 Lunch & Zuhr Prayers Break

0220- 0520 Session- 3: Bridging for Better Stroke Care in Pakistan

Chair: Prof. Dr. Ayesha Kamal (AKUH, Karachi)

Co- Chair: Prof. Dr. Arsalan Ahmad (Shifa International, Islamabad)

Moderator: Dr. Fozan Khan (Swat)

0220-0240        Prospective of Stroke Research in Pakistan- Prof. Dr. Akhter Sherin (KMU, Kohat)

0240-0305        Thrombectomy & Acute Stroke Care- Public Sector Experience in Pakistan-

Prof. Dr. Qasim Bashir (Services Hospital, Lahore)

0305- 0325       Current Situation of IV Thrombolysis & Availability of Alteplase in                                                               Pakistan-Prof. Dr. Arsalan Ahmad (Shifa International, Islamabad)

0325-0345        Tele Stroke Care in Pakistan- Prof. Dr. Ayesha Kamal (AKUH, Karachi)

0345-0405        Stroke and CVT at High Altitude- Dr. Wahaj Hussain (CMH, Karachi)

0405-0425        Artificial Intelligence Software Packages in the Interpretation of Radiological                                           Images in Acute Stroke- Dr. Shoaib Ismail (UK)

0425-0445        Safety & Efficacy of NOACs in Multi Morbid Patients- Dr. Fowzia Siddiqui (AKUH)

0445-0520        Improving Stroke Care in Pakistan- Prof. Dr. Ashfaq Shuaib (Canada)

0600-0700        Business Meeting Pakistan Stroke Society- Nargis Hall

Opening Session


Chief Guest: Dr. Muhammad Amjad Saqib (Founder/ CEO- Akhuwat Foundation, Pakistan)

Moderator: Dr. Ravi Shankar (General Secretary Pakistan Stroke Society)


0700-0710               Recitation of Holy Quran

0710-0720               Welcome Note- Prof. Dr. Mohammad Wasay (Chair Scientific Committee)

0720-0730               PSS Brief Report- Dr. Anjum Farooq (President Pakistan Stroke Society)

0730-0740               Prof. Dr. Saleem Barech (President Pakistan Society of Neurology)

0740-0800               Chief Guest Key Note Talk- Dr. M. Amjad Saqib

0800-0810               Vote of Thanks- Dr. Abdul Malik (Chairman Organizing Committee)

Plaque Distribution/ Dinner

Day 3: Sunday October 31st, 2021 (Hybrid: Via Zoom & Movin Pick Hotel Karachi) Register in Advance for this Webinar (Click the Link):

0930- 1130 Session- 4: Stroke Care- Global Perspective

Chair: Prof. Dr. Naila Shahbaz (DUHS, Karachi)

Co- Chair: Prof. Dr. Alam Ibrahim Siddiqui (SMBBMU, Larkana)

Moderator: Dr. Syed Ahmed Asif (LNH, Karachi)

0930-0950        Acute Stroke Care Trials and Prospects of Stroke Trial in Pakistan-

Prof. Dr. Ashfaq Shoaib (Canada)

0950-1010        Stroke intervention and training stroke interventionist in Pakistan-

Prof. Dr. Adnan Qureshi (USA)

1010-1030        Establishing Stroke Unit in Resources Limited Country- Dr. Jeyraj Pandian (India)

1030-1050        Stroke Registry for Better Stroke Care- Prof. Dr. Byung-Woo Yoon;

President-Elect, Asia Pacific Stroke Organization (South Korea)

1050-1110        Outlines for Establishing Stroke Care Services- Dr. Suhail Alrukn (UAE)

1110-1130        Post Stroke Cognitive Deterioration; Prof. Dr. Michael Branin (Austria)

1130-1200        Tea Break

 1200- 0230

Session- 5: Acute Stroke Care

Chair: Prof. Dr. Major General Wasim Alamgir (Rawalpindi)

Co- Chair: Prof. Dr. Maimoona Siddiqui (Shifa Islamabad)

Moderator: Prof. Dr. Mohsin Zaheer (PINS, Lahore)

1200-1220        Pre Hospital Stroke Care, Managing Door to Needle Time in Acute Stroke in                                      Emergency Dr. Asem Ali (UK)

1220-1240        ICH Management- Prof. Dr. Craig Anderson (China/ Australia)

1240-0100        Management of Risk Factors in Acute Stroke Patient and Post Thrombolysis Care-

Dr. Simon Bell (UK)

0100-0110        Outcomes of Mechanical Thrombectomy- Two Years Experience of Stoke Centre                                  in Pakistan- Col. Dr. Jehanzeb Liaqat (MH, Rawalpindi)

0110-0130        Surgical Treatment of Stroke- Dr. Khalid Mahmood (LGH/PINS- Lahore)

0130-0150        Blood Pressure Control for Primary & Secondary Stroke Prevention-

Dr. Zahid Jamal (Karachi)

0150-0200        Pakistan Stroke Society Website Launching- Dr. Abdul Malik (Vice President, PSS)

0150-0200        Updated National Stroke Guidelines- Dr. Husnain Hashim (Vice President, PSS)

0210-0220        Stroke Registry- First Online Application Based- Prof. M. Wasay (President NARF)

0220- 0230       Concluding Remarks- Dr. Anjum Farooq (President, Pakistan Stroke Society)

Lunch 0230-0300

0330-0500: Face Book Live- Stroke Public Awareness Session: Minutes Can Save Lives!

Moderator- Dr. Abdul Malik


Neurologists Perspective: Dr. Anjum Farooq/ Prof. Dr. M. Wasay/ Prof. Dr. Arif D. Herakar/ Prof. Dr. Mazhar Badshah/ Dr. Bashir Ahmed Soomro

Religion Perspective: Maulana (PhD) Sajid Jamil;

NGOs Role in Stroke Awareness:       Prof. Dr. Muhammad Zahid Latif (GS, Alkhidmat HF, Pakistan)

Media Role in Stroke Awareness: Hamid-ur-Rehman & Waqar Bhatti

Patients Role in Stroke Awareness: Muhammad Anwar